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Enjoy A Low-Carb Christmas Dinner


Here at CarbSmart, we’ve given you lots of ideas to make your holiday low in carbs! How nice it will be to get to the New Year without all those extra pounds and roller-coaster blood sugar! But what about the big day itself? Should we throw caution to the wind in order to enjoy the day? Not necessary! You can have festive low-carb foods on Christmas. I’ll take you through some of the usual treats, and talk about how to cut way down on the sugar and starch, without sacrificing the enjoyment.

4 Myths About Complex Carbohydrates and the Low Carb Truth


What Are Complex Carbohydrates & do we really need them in our diet? Here are the top bogus assertions about complex carbohydrates portrayed by the government, nutritionists, the media, and people who don’t read or understand science.

4 Strategies for Resisting Temptation on Your Low Carb Diet


Believe it or not, you can cultivate a state of mind where low carbing becomes much, much, easier. In her first article for CarbSmart, Laura Dolson, Low Carb Diets Guide for presents four strategies to get you to this state of mind.