Eat Well Be Well (Formerly Carbsense / MiniCarb)

The company formerly known as CarbSense, then MiniCarb, then Eat Well Be Well Foods has unfortunately gone out of business.

CarbSmart is your low carb food headquarters! We have been serving the low carb community for over 12 years

Unfortunately Eat Well Be Well went out of business in 2007 but we still have other great low carb friendly foods and low carb diet foods to help you live your low carb lifestyle. Feel free to check out all the great low carb brands of low carb products:

If you miss Low Carb Snacks, you can visit our Low Carb Snacks section which includes delicious selections from R.W. Garcia, Just The Cheese, and Dixie Carb Counters!

If you miss Low Carb Condiments, check out our Low Carb Condiments section including great selections from Walden Farms and H. J. Heinz.

If you miss Sugar Free Drinks and Shake mixes, you’ll love our Low Carb Protein Bars and Shakes section and our Low Carb Beverages and Drinks section.

If you miss low carb protein bars and low carb chocolate bars, you’ll love our great selection of Low Carb Protein Bars and our Low Carb Chocolates and Low Carb Candies sections. You won’t be disappointed!

Don’t forget cereal and breakfast foods so please try our Low Carb Breakfast Section and some favorite brands like Hi-Lo Cereal by Nutritious Living, CarbQuik, Naturally Supreme, and New Hope Mills. There’s some great choices to substitute their hot and cold cereals and pancake and waffle mixes.

If you miss Desserts, you can visit our Low Carb Desserts section or great brands like Dixie Carb Counters, LaNouba, and Lite Harvest.

Low Carb can be so much more than just what Eat Well Be Well/Carbsewnse/Minicarb offered. Come check it out!


  1. Lawrence J. Klumas says

    With all the new information about nutrition in the mainstream, I would think, and I would hope that CarbSense would re-insert it self into the production of carb sensible foods again. Or have I read the article wrong that that are out of business; but Carb Smart has taken over? And is Carb Smart just a website with information like MindBodyGreen? Larry

    • says

      The company CarbSense closed their doors around 2006. They did make great products but the demand for these products have decreased over the years.

      Our company, CarbSmart, used to be an online store and we sold many brands including the CarbSense brand, but we stopped being an online store in April of 2012 so we could focus on bringing the latest information about the low carb lifestyle to our readers.

      If you are interested in buying low carb products we suggest: ( – Over 13 years as an online retailer specializing in low carb, gluten free, and sports nutrition. ( – has been an online retailer since 2005 and also maintains a retail store in Santa Fe Springs, CA. One of their specialties is Low Carb Breads and Bagels. ( is the largest online retailer in the world and carries hundreds of low carb items as well as just about anything else you could imagine.

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