Barbara From Texas’ Low Carb Success Story


Barbara from Texas is 36, and has been following the Atkins program since August of 2000, She has also read Protein Power, using it to figure out lean body mass, among other things, and she thinks that both Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution and Protein Power are great programs.

Mary’s Low Carb Success Story


Mary from Alabama is 30 years old. She has been following the Atkins diet since February 29, 2000, and has lost 56 pounds, even though she takes the Depo Provera shot, which is known to cause problems with weight gain in some women. She told me she started having a problem with her weight at the age of 12, a time when many young girls will start to struggle with extra pounds.

Elaine’s Low Carb Success Story


Elaine is from London. She is 43 years old, and has been on the Atkins Diet since 3/5/2000. Elaine began putting on weight following a serious illness when she 11. From then on, she has had a constant struggle with her weight.

Suzy’s Low Carb Success Story


Suzy, 51, is from Texas. She has had a weight problem her whole life. She also has Type II diabetes. Suzy has a picture of herself with her first grade class. “I was the fattest child in the group,” she sighed. She also has a picture of herself at four, “a little fat girl,” Suzy comments.

Pam’s Low Carb Success Story


Pam from Florida is 45. She had her first child at 17, and has struggled with her weight since she was about 20 years old. Pam has been following the Atkins Plan for a year and a half now, and has lost 62 pounds since she began low carbing in October of 1999!

Trevor’s Low Carb Success Story


Trevor Laplain from South Woodford, London, England is 45. He is married and two sons. Trevor works as a catering manager and food safety consultant at Queen Mary, University of London. He has been overweight all of his life.

Tinakaye’s Low Carb Success Story


Tinakaye from Ohio is 36 years old and the mother of four. She has been following the Atkins diet on and off for ten years, but used it only as a “diet” and not lifetime a way of eating. “I started again two years ago,” she said, “with the first year being off and on. Then, a year ago, the light bulb went off in my head. I finally understood that this must be a lifetime way of eating and not just a diet for me. I know that Dr. Atkins repeats many times throughout his book that this is to be a way of eating, but I thought I was “different” and it didn’t apply to me…… Wrong!”