Nancy Moshier’s Low Carb Success Story


Nancy Moshier is a registered nurse and is also the author of a low carb cookbook, Eat Yourself Thin Like I Did. Nancy and her husband, Ron, are from Minnesota, but they winter in Texas. Nancy has been following the Atkins program for 3 1/2 years.

Adele’s Low Carb Success Story


Adele from Ohio is 50 years old. She follows a self-designed, low carb program that incorporates both the carbohydrate guidelines and anti-yeasting version of the Atkins program and the paleo style of eating outlined in NeanderThin by Ray Audette. Adele found what combination of low carbohydrate principles work for her “by long trial and error, mostly error!” she says.

Maui Mike’s Low-Carb Success Story


Maui Mike is from Minnesota. Mike got his name because he lived on the island of Maui in Hawaii for a period of time. “I also have a blend of coffee named after me called “Maui Mike’s Blend,” he laughed.

Jess From Wisconsin’s Low Carb Success Story


Jess from Wisconsin is 18 years old and follows the Atkins program. Jess is 5′ 5″ tall and has gone from 225 pounds to 145 pounds! Jess’ goal weight is 120. (Please note that her after picture above was taken when Jess weighed 158 pounds; Jess has lost an additional 13 pounds since that picture was taken!)

PJ From Illinois’ Low Carb Success Story


PJ from Illinois is 43 years old and has followed the Somersize program since February of 2001. Her weight has dropped from 313 pounds to 191 pounds. (That’s 122 pounds in just ten months!) PJ is well on her way to her goal of weight of 150 pounds.

Ron Moshier’s Low Carb Success Story


Ron Moshier is from Minnesota and winters in Texas. Ron is 6′ tall, and follows the Atkins program. He has used low carbing to lose from his top weight of 260 pounds down to a trim 180 pounds. Ron’s waist size has shrunk from a 44 to a 34!

Vonnie From Australia’s Low Carb Success Story


Vonnie from Australia is 34 years old and has gone from 245 pounds to 154 pounds, just 9 pounds short of her goal weight of 145. She has dropped from a size 22 to a size 10 on her way to her goal size of 8.

Joanne From Leeds’ Low Carb Success Story


Joanne from Leeds in the UK is 28 years old. She started low carbing in January of 2000, and has been at it ever since. Joanne follows the Atkins program and is currently just below her goal weigh at 117 pounds. She has gone from a US size 14/16 to a US size 6/8.

Howard From New Mexico’s Low Carb Success Story


Howard from New Mexico is 50 years old and 6 feet tall. Howard began low carbing weighing 330 pounds and now weighs 241 pounds. He used to wear a size 50 waist, but now wears a 42! His goals are to continue losing weight until he reaches 200 pounds and wears a size 36 waist.

Connie From Ohio’s Low Carb Success Story


Connie from Ohio is 31. She started the Atkins Plan in May of 1998, but told me, “It’s since been tweaked so much it’s more like a hybrid plan of my own.” Connie has gone from 244 pounds to 169 pounds, and from a size 24 to a 12!