Cindy from Maine’s Low Carb Success Story


Cindy from Maine is 45 years old and 5’6 inches tall. In October, Cindy will have been following the Atkins program for four years. She has gone from 239 pounds and a size 24 to 147 pounds and a size 14. Cindy’s goal is to weigh 135 and wear size 10’s.

Norma From Nova Scotia’s Low Carb Success Story


Norma from Nova Scotia is 54 years old and 5′ 6″ tall. Norma began the Atkins program in July of 1999 after being introduced to it a month earlier by her friend, Joya. She began low carbing weighing 175 pounds and wearing size 18. She reached her goal of 125 pounds in late December of 1999.

Clyde from Texas’ Low Carb Success Story


Clyde from Texas is 47 years old. He follows the Atkins program and is current at goal weight and on maintenance. Clyde began at 280 pounds and a 40 inch “tight” waist. He was delighted to reach 210 pounds and wear size 36 waist pants for the first time in over 20 years. Clyde’s weight is currently 222 pounds but not from fat gain, rather lean muscle from weight training.