Scoring a Low Carb Touchdown for the Home Team

Tex-Mex Sloppy Joe on low carb Revolutionary Roll

Plan for success & you can navigate into the end zone & score a low carb win for the home team. Susie T. Gibbs lays out her tips for helping the whole family stay low carb during football season.

Low Carb New Year’s Alcohol Guide


Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not turn to sugar in your bloodstream. However, it it is carbohydrate-derived; alcohol is what yeasts pee out after eating sugars. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Hey, it doesn’t stop me. Alcohol does behave like a carb in one important way: your body burns it preferentially. Just as eating carbohydrate shuts down fat burning, so does drinking alcohol. Or as a medical journal article I read donkey’s years ago phrased it, “Alcohol profoundly inhibits lipolysis.” Furthermore, at 7 calories per gram, nearly twice the calorie count of carbs, it can take you longer to burn through the booze. This is why alcohol, despite some genuine benefits, is always an indulgence when you’re trying to lose weight.

Alcohol on Your Low Carb Lifestyle Revisited Includes Low Carb Mockahlua Recipe


Dana Carpender shares her recipe for Low Carb Mockahlua, as well as ways to fit alcohol into your low carb holiday celebrations. ‘Tis the season to make merry! Seems to me that there are more parties crammed into the month of December than all the rest of the year put together. For many of us, parties mean downing cocktail or two. So how does drinking alcohol fit into a low carb diet?

Low Carb Summer Libations by Dana Carpender


Summer party beverages are different than winter party beverages. Eggnog and other heavy, creamy drinks seem cloying now. And when you’re playing in the sun, it’s best to have a drink of modest potency, with a high water content. In other words, you want your beverages to refresh as well as relax.

Dana Carpender’s Cinco de Mayo Review of R.W. Garcia Soy and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips & Baja Bob’s Sugar Free Margarita Mix


All of which makes this a great time to review a couple of products Andrew sent me last summer, and I neglected to review in a timely fashion: R.W. Garcia Soy and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips, and Baja Bob’s Sugar Free Margarita Mix. I just love it when Andrew sends me a party in a box!

Can I Have Alcohol On My Low Carb Lifestyle? By Dana Carpender


The party season is officially under way, with the biggest party night of the year less than a month away. So I thought a refresher course in alcoholic beverages might be in order.