One Genuine Risk of Starting a Low Carbohydrate Diet

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Carbohydrate restriction is such a dramatically effective intervention that many medications will need to be adjusted immediately. This is particularly true of all blood sugar medications

Salt on a Low Carb Diet by Dana Carpender


Many of us agree. Salt is easily the most popular seasoning. There’s a good reason for this: Salt is an essential nutrient; without it we’ll die. But just as Americans “know” that fat is bad for them, they “know” that salt is bad for them. The standard wisdom, parroted over and over again, is that limiting fat and salt intake will lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and improve health in general.

High Blood Pressure and the Low Carbohydrate Diet


There are many things that happen to your body to cause your blood pressure to increase. I have been asking this question of physicians that I know, and the consensus is that they feel that obesity is a much greater risk factor than any diet. They would prefer that their patients lost the weight on a low carbohydrate diet and just monitored their blood pressure to make sure that it did not get dangerously high. There was also a general consensus that they actually saw their patients’ blood pressures decrease when they followed a low carbohydrate regime.