Low Carb & Gluten Free Pancakes for Henry and Halli by Dana Carpender


My nephew Henry and niece Halliday came to stay with That Nice Boy I Married and I this past week. We had a super-great time with them, as we always do – went to the county fair, did a little geocaching, watched a few movies, and just generally hung out.

Review: New Hope Mills Pancake & Waffle Mix by Amy Dungan


Pancakes were a breakfast staple at our house for many years. Who doesn’t love a warm, fluffy pancake? They are especially great when dealing with kids, or large groups, since pancakes are simple to fix and relatively inexpensive. Add in all the different topping choices and you have what seems to be a perfect meal. The downside is pancakes are really high in carbohydrates, not to mention that nutritionally they deserve to sit in the corner with a dunce hat on. For the last several years we’ve mostly shunned pancakes. We quit inviting them to breakfast and refused to acknowledge them on menus in public. While my children have occasionally whispered that they missed pancakes, I reminded them that pancakes have never done us any favors. In fact, they’ve always been wolf in sheep’s clothing, disguised as a healthy low-fat breakfast.

Nature’s Hollow Maple Flavored Sugar Free Syrup Sweetened with Xylitol 8.5 oz. bottle

A gourmet maple flavored syrup that is perfect for low carb dieters, diabetics or anyone watching their sugar intake! A rich and flavorful topping for any low carb dessert or the perfect topping for your low carb pancakes or crepes.

Review: Sensato Hot Cereal by Amy Dungan


Breakfast is one of those areas that really seem to stump low-carb dieters. Besides the obvious egg dishes, what can we eat? When you’ve grown up eating pancakes, cereal, toast, muffins and hot cereal every morning, it’s hard to imagine breakfast without grains of some kind. Thankfully there are some delicious options at our disposal, and they don’t all involve eggs.