Review: Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

CarbSmart Magazine June 2013

To Market, To Market: Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate by Dana Carpender from CarbSmart Magazine Issue 4. Do you believe that sugar-free chocolate can never taste like the good stuff? Prepare to be amazed.

Enjoy A Romantic Low Carb Valentine’s Day Dinner

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries make a romantic, low carb dessert.

If you want a delicious tale of a romantic Valentine dinner that’s low carb delicious and won’t leave you full or heavy feeling, I’m your huckleberry. This dinner will wardrobe well with your Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards. Susie T. Gibbs is your guide.

Dana Carpender’s CarbSmart Espresso Chocolate Chip Brownies Recipe


Dana Carpender’s CarbSmart Espresso Chocolate Chip Brownies

Review: Holy Cow Cocoa Mix by Dixie Diner by Amy Dungan


I love a good cup of hot chocolate anytime, and when you are sick, cocoa can be great comfort food. So following the directions on the package I made myself a cup of chocolate goodness.

AH!LASKA Organic Unsweetened Baker’s Cocoa 8 oz.

Ah Laska Cocoa Baker’s Cocoa was the first organic, fat-free and kosher cocoa on the market. AH LASKA Organic Baker’s Cocoa founders Donna and Kevin Maltz created AH!LASKA cocoa in 1992 as a way to spread the word about bakers cocoa.

Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix by Universal Nutrition

Doctor's Carbrite Diet - Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix, Sugar Free

Doctor’s Carbrite chocolate chip brownie mix is the most delicious sugar-free brownie mix available.

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds 8 oz. bag by Marich Confectionery

Fresh roasted almonds cloaked in creamy sugar free milk chocolate. Sugar free chocolate covered almonds make a special gift for people with diabetes or people watching their sugar intake.

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans 8 oz. bag by Marich Confectionery

Premium freshly roasted espresso beans drenched in rich sugar free dark chocolate.

Review: Davidson’s Dessert Teas by Amy Dungan


When I think of tea, I think of iced tea on a hot summer day. To be honest, I’ve never been much of a hot tea person. Despite that, I decided to give Davidson’s Dessert Teas a try. When I drink coffee, I like a little heavy cream and some sweetener, so I did the same with the Davidson’s Vanilla Cream Spice flavor.