Review: Maine Cottage Foods Dark Chocolate Almond Bark by Amy Dungan


I’m a chocolate fanatic, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m pretty sure you could dip just about anything in chocolate and make it edible. Since starting my low-carb lifestyle in 2001 I’ve tried several brands of sugar-free chocolates. While most of them taste good, those containing sugar alcohols usually start a storm raging in your gut that would make a tornado jealous.

Dana Carpender’s CarbSmart Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Dana Carpender’s CarbSmart Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Dana Carpender’s CarbSmart Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: A classic chocolate chip cookie, just like Mom used to make – only a lot better for you!

A Low Carb Thanksgiving Something To Really Be Thankful For


Preparing a big Thanksgiving féte is fun, but a lot of work! For the low carb dieter, though, it presents a special challenge: how to create a festive menu that will please the palate without blowing the diet!

Low Carb Mousse


A lot of newcomers to the low carbohydrate lifestyle think that desserts are a thing of the past. Not so! It is only during the induction phase of the Atkins diet that desserts other than Jell-O are not allowed. And while even low carb desserts should be viewed as an occasional “treat” and not a daily indulgence during ongoing weight loss phase, low carb mousse and low carb cheesecake can be a part of many people’s low carbohydrate eating plan. The Low Carb Mousse Recipe includes a Low Carb Chocolate Mousse Recipe.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want


You can’t always get what you want. And, it seems to me, that even if you try, sometimes you can’t get what you need, Mick Jagger’s opinion not withstanding.