It’s The Berries! Seasonal Recipes Featuring Fresh & Ready Ingredients

CarbSmart Magazine June 2013

It’s The Berries! by Dana Carpender from CarbSmart Magazine Issue 4. They’re low sugar! They’re delicious! They’re loaded with antioxidants! Discover exciting new ways to use everybody’s favorite super-fruits.

Cinnamon Spice Pork Rind Cake Recipe by Dana Carpender


If you look back through the Ask Dana archives, you’ll see I have written, in the past, about pork rinds, the fact that they are not, as some assume, egregious junk food, but actually the most nutritious thing in the snack aisle. In that article, I mentioned that once, years ago, an outraged online detractor of low carb diets threw in my cyberface the accusation that I ate pork rind cake. That accusation is now true.

Review: Jennie’s Coconut Macaroons by Amy Dungan


If you like coconut, you probably have a soft spot for coconut macaroons. If you are also living the low-carb lifestyle, you probably miss coconut macaroons as well. I wasn’t so much a coconutty kind of person before starting a low-carb diet, so macaroons weren’t something I ate often, if at all. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had the full-sugar version. I’m telling you this so you’ll know that I can’t really compare this product to it’s high-carb counterpart, since I can’t recall what they were like. What I can do is tell you what I think of Jennie’s Coconut Macaroons.

Questions About Coconut Flour & More by Dana Carpender


Hello Dana, I am a big fan of your cookbooks, but I have a question, can your substitute coconut flour for pumpkin seed meal and almond meal?

Mocha Chocolate Covered Almonds 8 oz. bag by Marich Confectionery

Roasted almonds covered in ground espresso coffee and sugar free dark chocolate, dusted with black cocoa powder.

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds 8 oz. bag by Marich Confectionery

Sugar free dark chocolate wrapped around fresh roasted almonds. Sugar free chocolate covered almonds make a special gift for people with diabetes or people watching their sugar intake.

Sugar Free Double Dipped Macadamias 8 oz. bag by Marich Confectionery

Sugar free dark chocolate layered over sugar free milk chocolate, wrapped around fresh roasted macadamias.

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Cashews 8 oz. bag by Marich Confectionery

Supreme cashews drenched in premium sugar free milk chocolate coating.

Sugar Free Bridge Mix 8 oz. bag by Marich Confectionery

An assortment of Sugar Free versions of Milk & Dark Chocolate covered Almonds, Milk & Dark Chocolate covered caramels, Double Dipped Macadamias and Milk Chocolate Cashews.