Teen Health – Making Healthy Low Carb Changes


As a fourteen year old girl who’s trying to eat healthy, my adventure has had some bumps and rough trials. I’ve done well for a while, then fallen back into the tasty evil world of sugar and starches. Now you may be thinking “Why would a young girl be worried about these kinds of things instead of focusing on boys, or the next party she’s going to? ” I don’t think about boys and parties to begin with, and my {Read full article}

More Than Skin Deep: Welcome the self-confidence that comes with feeling great in your own skin

CarbSmart Magazine June 2013

More Than Skin Deep by Sagdrina Jalal in the June 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine. Welcome the self-confidence that comes with feeling great in your own skin.

50 Ways To Eat Zucchini

May 2013 Issue of CarbSmart Magazine

50 Ways To Eat Zucchini by Susie T. Gibbs in the May 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine.   50 Ways To Eat Zucchini by Susie T. Gibbs from CarbSmart Magazine Issue 3. Read the full article in the May 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine available in iTunes. Available in: Subscribe to our email newsletter for updated details.

Is Switching From Low Carb to Paleo Enough for Long Term Diet Success?

Exercising on the Beach

When people begin to learn about the Paleo diet, they are usually excited to hear they can add in fruits and a few starches. In my case, I learned that I could eat a few peaches without negative side effects.   However, I was also running upwards of 30 miles per week and training for marathons. Most of us are not expending that much energy on a daily basis.  To lose weight, we need to be low carb, even if we are eating “real food”.

Review: Wheat Belly Book by Amy Dungan


Wheat Belly gives us the history of wheat. You’ll learn all about the modifications made to wheat in the last few decades, and how they affect human health. One fact that surprised me was how much insect repellent/weed killer ends up in today’s wheat supply.

Make Your Own Low Carb Coconut Butter by Dana Carpender


Folks, I’m sorry I’ve been so spotty about posting to CarbSmart recently. I’m on deadline for this paleo cookbook (Pre-order at Amazon.com: 500 Paleo Recipes), and I’m cooking and writing like a maniac. Quite honestly, Its hard to think about anything else. However, in an attempt to make it up to you, I will now tell you how to save a pile of money.

Which American Foods Can You Tolerate on Your Low Carb Diet? by Dana Carpender


In honor of Independence Day, I thought I’d do a rundown of American foods. No, not fast food burgers and pizza, but rather those foods that are native to our nation, the foods the colonists might well have encountered for the very first time when they came to these shores. (Though some of them had already made it across the Atlantic, and started gaining popularity in Europe.) What foods are truly American?

What is a Paleo Diet by Dana Carpender

What is the Paleo Diet / Primal Diet?

Paleo refers to the idea that we can take cues from the hunter-gatherer diets of our pre-agricultural ancestors to determine the best – dare I say the evolutionary – diet of human kind. It is nearly impossible to achieve a truly paleo diet; you’d have to eat only local wild foods in season; one piece of cultivated fruit or pinch of a spice from another part of the world and you’re no longer truly authentic.

Low Carb Success Story Hank Garner by Amy Dungan


This month’s awe inspiring success story comes from a good friend of mine named Hank Garner. Hank describes himself as a man who is incredibly blessed. Happily married for 17 years to his wife Dawn, they have 5 wonderful children and enjoy small-town life in Southern Mississippi. A web designer, Hank loves spending time with his family, the outdoors and being active. His newest passion is running, which he does 4 or 5 days a week.