The New American Academy of Pediatrics Diabetes Guidelines for Children


The American Academy of Pediatrics published their guidelines for children with diabetes last week. They suggest giving kids insulin and metformin, monitor their HbA1C and start a lifestyle modification program, including nutrition and physical activity. But did they suggest cutting back on carbohydrates? Dana Carpender evaluates the new guidelines and gives us her own…based on real science and years of research.

“In Defense of Fat” is a Documentary Project That Needs Our Support

In Defense of Fat Documentary

“In Defense of Fat” is a documentary about Obesity and the science of Ancestral Health. Through in-depth interviews, animation, and the examination of the change in nutritional and cultural attitudes,

The Resurrection Of Calorie Counting – Big Time!

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During World War II, there was not a lot of focus on dieting. People had other things to worry about, and there was rationing of many items, including food. There was less time to think about personal weight issues. Many women worked in factories and industry while the men were overseas. But when the war ended, things changed quickly. Large numbers of women left the workforce and returned to their homes, many as newly-wed housewives.