The Swedish “Low Carb” Study Where No One Ate A Low Carb Diet

Schwedischer Fischsalat - Swedish fish salad

In short, this study suggests that perhaps in the context of a high carbohydrate diet, increasing saturated fat intake may raise total cholesterol, but does not tell us if that rise is comprised largely of LDL or HDL. It demonstrates no increase in atherosclerosis as a result. It doesn’t tell us anything about the effects of a low carbohydrate diet, because there’s no mention of anyone in the study actually eating a low carbohydrate diet. And because it is an observational study, it proves nothing. Nothing at all.

2011 Low Carb Cruise Highlights by by Dana Carpender


Our panel of speakers this year started with Tom Naughton, a comedian. A comedian? You bet. Tom is both seriously funny and seriously smart, and his documentary Fathead is now the number one documentary at Hulu. Tom’s presentation was called Science for Smart People, and was aimed at helping everyone understand the scientific double talk that too often lets biased researchers bamboozle people.