Why You Should Always Bring Your Own Low Carb Foods to a Conference or Special Event

A typical conference lunch not safe for a diabetic

Reason Why You Should Always Bring Your Own Low Carb Foods to a Conference or Special Event. You don’t know what they will be serving.

And The Oscar Goes To…


We all know what it feels like to be overweight. The self-disgust. The shame. The exhaustion. Unpleasant physical symptoms abound; maybe we even have to have our blood taken regularly to test for diabetes. A trip to the doctor’s office includes the inevitable rationalizations about heavy clothing as we step on the scale and later dire pronouncements of doom and gloom from the doctor if we don’t do something.

Thinking Outside The Box


I love it when people take a recipe and run with it, with their own shifts and interpretations. James Beard once said, and I’m paraphrasing here, that baking is science, but cooking is art.

Establishing Boundaries

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Do we believe that other people care what we eat? And if we do, do we believe that what they think matters? Even my parents recognized my sister’s and my rights to establish a fair boundary in the back-seat. They might have quibbled with our techniques, but no one questioned our rights to boundaries. The same should be true of our eating. It is a uniquely personal decision, effecting no one else directly and only a limited number of people in our lives even indirectly. Why not allow ourselves the dignity of establishing a few no trespassing signs?

Can We Eat Only Protein?


We’ve been talking about protein and carbohydrates, and most recently about how an average of 58% of consumed protein will convert to carbohydrates in our bodies. I’ve received several e-mails from readers, all of whom asked variations of this question: “Since some of the protein I eat will convert to carbohydrates, can I eat only protein, if I take a vitamin and mineral pill to provide what I’m not getting in vegetables?” Some further discussion of this issue is called for before we move on to dietary fats.