A Celebration of Freedom: May 28 “Juneteenth”

CarbSmart Magazine June 2013

A Celebration of Freedom: May 28 “Juneteenth” by April Walker in the June 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine. Whether you celebrate freedom with just family or with the whole community, we give you the secrets to keep it down-home delicious and nutritious.

Helping Dad Reclaim His Health

CarbSmart Magazine June 2013

Helping Dad Reclaim His Health by Peter Ballerstedt in the June 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine. You love Daddy ’cause Daddy loves you. So help him care for his health, while keeping him happy!

Pucker Up Buttercup! Lemon-o-licious Low Carb Desserts for Mother’s Day

Make the lemon custard by itself, or add the gingersnap crust with a dollop of lemon curd for extra flare. Perfectly yummy for 'Mummy'.

This Mother’s Day, Budget Low Carb is all about the lemon. Show Mom you love her with a special dessert for less than 10g of net carbohydrates per serving. It’s even more special when these desserts come in under $10 for a family of 4 and won’t leave a sour expression on Mom’s face!

A Low Carb Look At Cinco De Mayo

Fancy sombrero. Ole!

I know as a low carber, the idea that Mexican food or Tex-Mex could be remotely low carb is a paradigm stretcher. It asks you to suspend your sense of disbelief doesn’t it? But with a little advance planning and cunning on our part, low carbers can enjoy low carb Tex-Mex on Cinco de Mayo, and on any other day of the year—no splurging or cheating necessary!

Budget Low Carb – Beefy Comfort Food Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or Any Day

Un-corned Beef works on any cut of beef. It's pure low carb deliciousness and hearty St. Patrick's Day fare.

Budget Low Carb is all about staying warm! Winter still lurks and stout March breezes push insistently from the sidelines. Because of this, the months leading into spring are jam-packed with one-pot-low-carb-wonders such as low carb pot roast, low carb soups, low carb stews, and low carb hash. It’s easy to low carb these one-pot phenoms by simply substituting a high fiber, low carb veg in place of carby nonsense like pasta, potatoes, and rice. Great low carb, high fiber veggie substitutes include turnips, cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, even a tiny bit of rutabaga–even though rutabaga is a higher carb choice.

Enjoy A Romantic Low Carb Valentine’s Day Dinner

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries make a romantic, low carb dessert.

If you want a delicious tale of a romantic Valentine dinner that’s low carb delicious and won’t leave you full or heavy feeling, I’m your huckleberry. This dinner will wardrobe well with your Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards. Susie T. Gibbs is your guide.

Enjoy A Low-Carb Christmas Dinner


Here at CarbSmart, we’ve given you lots of ideas to make your holiday low in carbs! How nice it will be to get to the New Year without all those extra pounds and roller-coaster blood sugar! But what about the big day itself? Should we throw caution to the wind in order to enjoy the day? Not necessary! You can have festive low-carb foods on Christmas. I’ll take you through some of the usual treats, and talk about how to cut way down on the sugar and starch, without sacrificing the enjoyment.

Low Carb Holiday Cocktails

Low Carb SeaBreeze

In honor of the season, CarbSmart’s Budget Low Carb is happy to present low carb alternatives to high carb cocktails. We’ll focus on vodka this time, since it’s a fairly universal alcohol.

Low Carb Holiday Party Food – Seasonally Sane Entertaining

In our low carb, holiday house, all the high carbage holiday candy and snack crackers get adhered to the annual gingerbread house - which does not get eaten!

The holidays are a time of celebration – a month of prime opportunity to get together with family and friends and eat, drink, and be merry. So how on earth do we remain seasonally sane? How do we hold fast to our low carb principles and still have a good time? Susie T. Gibbs shows us how.