Introducing Emily Dewey, Holistic Health Coach

Emily Dewey

Hello low-carb cronies, Atkins admirers, Paleo pals! So happy to be joining you here at CarbSmart. I am excited to share my love of all things Paleo-tastic with you, and hopefully provide some insight into this similar, yet different approach to weight-loss and wellness gains!

Low Carb Success Story Susan W. by Amy Dungan


This success story starts with Susan being 380 pounds on her 40th birthday. Like many of us who have struggled with weight, she didn’t like being in photos and avoided them when possible. So when she got her photos back from the celebration, she didn’t recognize herself. “I not only looked bad, I felt horrible” says Susan.

Low Carb Success Story Kent Altena by Amy Dungan


If you want true inspiration, you need look no further than Kent Altena. Eight years after starting Atkins, Kent is still literally half the man he used to be. In 15 months he’d shed 211 pounds and reached his goal. He’s since rejoined the National Guard and has become a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He’s also an active runner and has completed a number of marathons.

Low Carb Success Story Laurie Rosen by Amy Dungan


Laurie Rosen’s journey begins when she was having major health problems such as IBS, heartburn and hypoglycemia. A co-worker mentioned Atkins, and it was such a radical concept that she wondered if there actually might be something to it.

Low Carb Success Story Hank Garner by Amy Dungan


This month’s awe inspiring success story comes from a good friend of mine named Hank Garner. Hank describes himself as a man who is incredibly blessed. Happily married for 17 years to his wife Dawn, they have 5 wonderful children and enjoy small-town life in Southern Mississippi. A web designer, Hank loves spending time with his family, the outdoors and being active. His newest passion is running, which he does 4 or 5 days a week.

Low Carb Success Story: Debbie Cusick 125 lbs. Lighter & Healthier


This month’s source of inspiration comes from a sweet lady named Debbie Cusick. Debbie, retired from IBM, resides in Florida with her dog Flo, and three cats who graciously allow Debbie and Flo to bask in their presence. She’s a birdwatcher, avid reader of mysteries, involved in choral singing and working with Flo, whom she hopes to eventually enter into obedience and/or agility competitions with in the near future. Another hobby of Debbie’s is pastel painting. And let me tell you, this lady has some talent. She also has the talent of inspiring others. Today, you’ll see why.

Morbidly Obese by April Bradford Walker


“Morbidly Obese” Those words dangled from my medical chart like a scarlet letter. How could the doctor have used those words to describe me? Surely, the doctor made a mistake, or maybe my eyes were mistaken. Perhaps it was someone else’s chart. Cautiously, I looked at the chart and read the name: April Bradford. I was only 25 years old at the time. I was mortified and shocked, but I could not deny those words staring back at me from my own chart. The walls seemed to close in around me. How did I arrive at this place? How did this happen to me?

Low Carb Reality by Amy Dungan


CarbSmart is proud to introduce the addition of Amy Dungan to the CarbSmart Magazine staff. Amy is a freelance writer and photographer who has been living the low-carb lifestyle since 2001 and loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. She’s written for the Internet’s most popular low-carb magazine, Low Carb Luxury, as well as various other newsletters and internet publications, including the acclaimed blog Healthy Low-Carb Living. Amy Dungan has been writing great articles for low carb magazine. A long time low carber, you’ll appreciate Amy Dungan diet tips, Amy’s low carb recipes and Amy’s low sugar diet suggestions. Amy Dungan low carb reality.