Listen to the Low Carb Journey Podcast Featuring Andrew DiMino President & Founder of CarbSmart


In December, 2010, Hank Garner of My Low Carb Journey interviewed CarbSmart President and Founder, Andrew DiMino, about his low carb lifestyle, the low carb food industry and the future of diabetes and low carb dieting.

Taking That First Step on a Diet and an Interview with Jorge Cruise by Amber Allen-Sauer


Six months ago I felt completely helpless and hopeless with my weight, I wanted to lose weight but I felt overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. And honestly, scared of the changes I might have to make to accomplish it. I had lost faith in myself. But I am happy to say, that by applying a few rules to the food I eat and sticking with them I completely changed my body and rediscovered myself.

The Future Of Low-Carb Retail Through The Eyes Of CarbSmart’s Andrew DiMino


Allow me to introduce you to a man named Andrew DiMino in Episode 38. He is the President and Founder of one of the most successful online low-carb retailers and brands called CarbSmart and he was gracious enough to sit down for a one-on-one chat with me during my recent visit to Reno, Nevada.

Meet Ruth Glick


Ruth Glick doesn’t know it yet, but her family is about to become larger. After reading her cookbook, Fabulous Lo-Carb Cuisine, trying some of the recipes, and talking to her on line, I’ve decided to ask her to adopt me. I want to eat like this all the time, and I’d like to enjoy her company. She’s delightful.