Pork Rinds by Dana Carpender – recipe included!


Years ago, some furious online detractor of low carb diets threw at me the accusation that I ate “pork rind cake.” This is not true. I have never eaten a cake made from pork rinds, and had never heard of such a thing till the accusation was made. And though she subsequently posted a link to a recipe, that is the only time I have ever heard of pork rind cake in my near-decade on a low carb diet.

Is Splenda safe? by Dana Carpender


I recently got an email from reader Karen Kosel asking exactly that; she followed up by posting me a website that said some really unpleasant things about Splenda – to be specific, that it may cause shrinkage of the thymus gland, which is part of the immune system, and may also cause enlarged liver and kidneys. For balance, they also concluded that sucralose (the chemical that makes Splenda sweet) was probably “not as toxic as aspartame”.

Eggs are a Low Carber’s Dream Food by Dana Carpender


We’re just a few weeks out from Easter, and you know what that means: eggs are going to be cheap. Religious holidays aside, late winter/early spring is always a great time for eggs – that’s why they became a symbol of this spring religious festival. I have occasionally seen eggs as cheap as 4 dozen for a buck – these were medium-sized eggs, to be sure, but still, at that price they might as well be giving them away. At prices like that, we can eat a lot of eggs.

Is Pumpkin Low Carb? Includes Low Carb Chili Lime Pumpkin Recipe


Dana Carpender shares the many ways pumpkin can fit into a low carb diet including her Low Carb Chili Lime Pumpkin recipe. If your only experience with pumpkin has to do with jack-o-lanterns and high-carb pie, rethink this tasty vegetable. Pumpkin is lower carb than most winter squashes, and one of the best sources of pro-vitamin A around.

Ask Dana Carpender – Now @ CarbSmart Magazine


Each week Dana will be writing helpful and entertaining articles about the low carb lifestyle at Carb Smart Magazine healthy eating and anything else she wants to write about.

Dana Carpender’s CarbSmart Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Dana Carpender’s CarbSmart Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Dana Carpender’s CarbSmart Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: A classic chocolate chip cookie, just like Mom used to make – only a lot better for you!

Make It Low Carb by Joan O’Connell Hedman


Joan O’Connell Hedman’s Make It Low Carb Column comes to CarbSmart Magazine!