Lesson #64: Mustard Butter Flank Steak

Now, while I eat more chicken than anything else, I love steak. In general, I’m too cheap to buy steak at full price, so I keep an eagle eye on the “used meat bin” at the grocery store and always snap up any good steaks that I find there. I’ve never gotten a bad piece of meat from the “used meat bin,” but I do make certain that I either cook the meat immediately or put it into the freezer as soon as I get home.

Lesson #63: Low Carb Comfort Food Scramble For Two

In the United States eggs are traditionally a breakfast food, but I like eggs just about anytime. And I like eggs just cooked just about any way you can think of: scrambled, deviled, fried, poached, hard-boiled … any way but raw. Eggs are quick, they’re easy, they’re cheap, and they always seem like comfort food to me. Eggs for dinner are particularly good when you’re crunched for time or for when the food budget for the week is shot.

Lesson #62: A Low Carb Menu For Casual Entertaining

Since I didn’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, our meals revolved around some type of meat on the grill, deviled eggs, a vegetable relish plate with dip, and a fruit plate. I made the deviled eggs, the vegetable relish plate, and the fruit plate up at the beginning of the week and replenished them daily as we ate all of certain items. So when dinnertime rolled around each day, I simply had to turn on the grill to cook the meat and bring out the various plates of side dishes.

Lesson #61: Mariachi Pork Chops

My mother, rest her soul, had a phobia about pork. She was absolutely certain that if she did not incinerate it until it looked like an old, discarded boot we would all get trichinosis and die. So she did what she was supposed to do – PROTECTED HER FAMILY – and happily cremated pork throughout her life.

Low Carb Cooking 101: Lesson #60: Low Carb Easter Dinner Recipes

Spring low carb foods are featured in this Low Carb Easter dinner to celebrate not just the holiday but the season: lamb, asparagus, fresh spinach, strawberries.

Lesson #59: Easy Low Carb Greek Feast

I don’t know a whole lot about Greece except that Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization, that every photograph of Greece I have seen is absolutely beautiful, and that the Greeks were fierce resistance fighters during World War II. Oh, and I can sing the Greek alphabet to the tune of “Anchors Aweigh.”