CarbSmart Magazine Is Now Available in Apple’s iTunes Newsstand

CarbSmart Magazine September 2013 Issue

CarbSmart Magazine serving the low carb community, has taken its digital presence to the Apple iPad, Google Android and Amazon Kindle tablets.

I Have Insulin Resistance, Now What? (Part 3 of 3, Who Am I?)

Valerie Berkowitz, MS, RD, CDE, CDN

Looking for the signs and symptoms of insulin resistance is only the beginning of the journey – there is a bigger issue. A major problem lies in the attitude and standards of practice for health care professionals. Valerie Berkowitz continues to look at her history with insulin resistance to help guide you to learn how to feed yourself with what your body really needs.

Counting Carbs at The Counter: Premium Burger Restaurant Review

The Counter® Custom Built Gourmet Burgers

The Counter Custom Built Gourmet Burgers is not a low carb restaurant, but it is a restaurant where low carb dieters can have a delicious, healthy, low carb / high fat meal. With locations in nine states and three countries, we have a great option to make us not feel like a second-class citizen.

How to Add More Fat to Your Low Carb Diet for Nutritional Ketosis

high fat avocado

Is monitoring protein and increasing fat the answer to low carb weight loss stalls? Caitlin Weeks suggests many more ways to add healthy fats to your low carb diet. Also great for us achieving Nutritional Ketosis for weight loss or those on an Atkins Fat Fast.

Low Carb Dining App Keeps You Informed


One of the most useful FREE apps you’ll find in recent months is a little beauty called Low Carb Dining. I know many low-carb enthusiasts have found themselves wondering what menu items are acceptable while traversing the fast food universe.

Ain’t That Nutritional Ketosis Thing Just Another Way Of Saying Atkins?

Dr. Robert C. Atkins

Nutritional Ketosis is the idea of putting your body in a keto-adapted or fat-adapted state through the use of a well-formulated high-fat, adequate (moderate) protein, low-carb diet. Until you get the macronutrient mix that is right for YOU, the health benefits of nutritional ketosis will continue to elude you. Jimmy Moore of Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb fame explains the concept and how adapting it has put him back on the road of low carb success.

Is Switching From Low Carb to Paleo Enough for Long Term Diet Success?

Exercising on the Beach

When people begin to learn about the Paleo diet, they are usually excited to hear they can add in fruits and a few starches. In my case, I learned that I could eat a few peaches without negative side effects.   However, I was also running upwards of 30 miles per week and training for marathons. Most of us are not expending that much energy on a daily basis.  To lose weight, we need to be low carb, even if we are eating “real food”.

My Trip To The Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 or Dana Goes to Harvard

My Trip To The Ancestral Health Symposium or Dana Goes to Harvard

Dana Carpender summarizes her trip to the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 at Harvard. Lessons & inspiration for the low carb & paleo communities.