Teen Health – Making Healthy Low Carb Changes


As a fourteen year old girl who’s trying to eat healthy, my adventure has had some bumps and rough trials. I’ve done well for a while, then fallen back into the tasty evil world of sugar and starches. Now you may be thinking “Why would a young girl be worried about these kinds of things instead of focusing on boys, or the next party she’s going to? ” I don’t think about boys and parties to begin with, and my {Read full article}

Finding Your Own Personal Carb Limit

Pasta Carbs

Most of us have adopted a low carb lifestyle for health reasons and have had tremendous success, both with weight loss and reversing diseases of modern civilization. When we first start out, the weight loss and energy we feel from reducing our carb intake keeps us motivated. Once we’ve reached our goals, it can be tricky trying to navigate adding carbs back into our diets without completely going off the rails.

Budget Low Carb Cooking: Enjoy Lamb Without Fleecing Your Budget

Lamb Feta Wrap with Spicy Sriracha Mayo makes a complete low carb meal. Add a few extra grape tomatoes and count the money you're not spending on expensive take out or ingredients!

CarbSmart.com and Budget Low Carb Cooking are proud to bring you two lamb dishes that won’t stretch your pocket book, or wallet, beyond recognition.

My Journey to Low Carb Part 3: From Low Carb to Primal


Many things happened when I switched from a low carb approach to a Primal lifestyle, but perhaps the biggest change was my attitude. I started questioning things. I no longer ate something simply because it was low carb; I now needed to know everything that was in my food, where it came from, and how it was made. Since a Primal diet didn’t allow for legumes, grains or processed foods, a lot of the foods I had eaten in the past – Atkins bars, low carb tortillas, and tofu to name a few – were off the list.

It’s That Time Of Year Again! Choose Your Low Carb Resolutions!

Low Carb New Year's Resolutions 2013

It’s time for our annual reminder of the relentless passage of time that makes New Year’s Day a great time to rededicate ourselves to achieving and preserving a healthy lifestyle. In the interests of doing just that, here are some suggestions for low carb New Year’s resolutions.

Low Carb Holiday Shopping Guide Episode One: Low Carb Cookbooks

300 15 Minute Low Carb Recipes

Low Carb Cookbooks are perfect for the sugar-and-grain averse on your list. Low Carb and Sugar Free Dieters will want some of these great gifts presented by Dana Carpender.

Dr. Joe Leonardi’s Low Carb Success Story: Fat Then, Fit Now Part 1

Dr Joe Leonardi, Fat Then Fit Now

Dr. Joe Leonardi’s Success Story: Fat Then, Fit Now Part 1. Dr. Leonardi utilized his education and experience to put together an eating and exercise program to drop his weight from on obese 340 pounds to a fit 210 pounds. He has appeared on television, radio and internet programing discussing obesity related topics. He is now ready to help others live a life beyond obesity.

Budget Low Carb Cooking – Your Partner During Trying Financial Times

Penny pinching should become an Olympic sport!

Often, the key to successful weight loss doesn’t begin with our bellies or end with our brains. For many, the battle of the bulge actually begins and ends with our budget. How do you cook budget-friendly low carb meals on a shoestring? Let’s stretch those budgets and see just how much we can squeeze out of every penny. In her new column, Budget Low Carb Cooking, Susie T. Gibbs gives us affordable options for your low carb lifestyle.

Scoring a Low Carb Touchdown for the Home Team

Tex-Mex Sloppy Joe on low carb Revolutionary Roll

Plan for success & you can navigate into the end zone & score a low carb win for the home team. Susie T. Gibbs lays out her tips for helping the whole family stay low carb during football season.