CarbSmart Magazine Is Now Available in Apple’s iTunes Newsstand

CarbSmart Magazine September 2013 Issue

CarbSmart Magazine serving the low carb community, has taken its digital presence to the Apple iPad, Google Android and Amazon Kindle tablets.

Budget Low Carb Cooking: Enjoy Lamb Without Fleecing Your Budget

Lamb Feta Wrap with Spicy Sriracha Mayo makes a complete low carb meal. Add a few extra grape tomatoes and count the money you're not spending on expensive take out or ingredients! and Budget Low Carb Cooking are proud to bring you two lamb dishes that won’t stretch your pocket book, or wallet, beyond recognition.

Low Carb Success Story Marilyn Brazzle by Amy Dungan


I’m thrilled to introduce our latest success story, Marilyn Brazzle, an inspiring and compassionate lady. A CPA working in management consulting for an accounting firm in Washington, DC, she resides in Frederick, MD and runs a non-profit sanctuary for homeless senior basset hounds. “At any time I’m sharing my home with about 20 old dogs,” says Marilyn. Her exercise includes caring for her home, the dogs, and her commute to work.

Low Carb Success Story Kent Altena by Amy Dungan


If you want true inspiration, you need look no further than Kent Altena. Eight years after starting Atkins, Kent is still literally half the man he used to be. In 15 months he’d shed 211 pounds and reached his goal. He’s since rejoined the National Guard and has become a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He’s also an active runner and has completed a number of marathons.

Having a Positive Attitude on Your Low Carb Diet by Amy Dungan

Positive Thinking and the Low Carb Diet

As a general rule, I’m a pretty positive person. But something has happened in the last couple of years that has changed that. I’ve let life events, stress, and people crush my enthusiasm. Now, despite what happens to me, my response to that event is completely under my control. I alone am responsible for my reactions.

Review: Wheat Belly Book by Amy Dungan


Wheat Belly gives us the history of wheat. You’ll learn all about the modifications made to wheat in the last few decades, and how they affect human health. One fact that surprised me was how much insect repellent/weed killer ends up in today’s wheat supply.

Make Your Own Low Carb Coconut Butter by Dana Carpender


Folks, I’m sorry I’ve been so spotty about posting to CarbSmart recently. I’m on deadline for this paleo cookbook (Pre-order at 500 Paleo Recipes), and I’m cooking and writing like a maniac. Quite honestly, Its hard to think about anything else. However, in an attempt to make it up to you, I will now tell you how to save a pile of money.

Which American Foods Can You Tolerate on Your Low Carb Diet? by Dana Carpender


In honor of Independence Day, I thought I’d do a rundown of American foods. No, not fast food burgers and pizza, but rather those foods that are native to our nation, the foods the colonists might well have encountered for the very first time when they came to these shores. (Though some of them had already made it across the Atlantic, and started gaining popularity in Europe.) What foods are truly American?

Valentine’s Day Means More Than Low Carb Chocolates by Dana Carpender


Valentine’s Day, another holiday of ancient origin taken over by the sugar-mongers. Let’s see the hands: How many of you are thinking it’s just not Valentine’s Day without chocolates? Yeah, I thought so. I’ll continue my psychic act: How many of you are thinking “But chocolate makes you feel like you’re in love!