A Low Carb Look At Cinco De Mayo

Fancy sombrero. Ole!

I know as a low carber, the idea that Mexican food or Tex-Mex could be remotely low carb is a paradigm stretcher. It asks you to suspend your sense of disbelief doesn’t it? But with a little advance planning and cunning on our part, low carbers can enjoy low carb Tex-Mex on Cinco de Mayo, and on any other day of the year—no splurging or cheating necessary!

Enjoy A Low-Carb Christmas Dinner


Here at CarbSmart, we’ve given you lots of ideas to make your holiday low in carbs! How nice it will be to get to the New Year without all those extra pounds and roller-coaster blood sugar! But what about the big day itself? Should we throw caution to the wind in order to enjoy the day? Not necessary! You can have festive low-carb foods on Christmas. I’ll take you through some of the usual treats, and talk about how to cut way down on the sugar and starch, without sacrificing the enjoyment.

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300 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes by Dana Carpender

300 Low Carb Slow Cooker Recipes

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Belly Fat Cure Brunch by Amber Allen-Sauer


My New Years Resolution this year is to develop better friendships, which can be hard to do as an adult, especially when you move. So I invited several friends over to watch the Rachael Ray Show with me last week. (Otherwise it would have just been me, in my robe, with my morning coffee. And that is just sad, right?) I decided to make a low-sugar Belly Fat Cure approved brunch for them. They don’t need to lose a pound {Read full article}

Dealing with Food Pushers by Amy Dungan


Holidays bring a myriad of emotions. The joy of spending time with family and friends can be the highlight of the season. The flip side of this coin is that family gatherings tend to center around food, and the inevitable pressure to eat everything your Aunt Trudy made. After all, she made that sugary carb-loaded favorite just for you! Will it really hurt to have just one serving and save her fragile feelings?