Atkins Fat Fast Really Is As Awesome As I Thought

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Recommended by the late, great Dr. Atkins as a way to overcome metabolic resistance to weight loss or to break a stall, a fat fast is simple: 1000 calories per day, 90% of those calories from fat.  Yes, this is calorie controlled as well as extremely low carbohydrate, and even low protein.  The fat fast catapults you into deep ketosis, with its triple benefit of appetite suppression, metabolic advantage, and protection of muscle mass.

100 Calorie Pack Advertising Gimmicks by Dana Carpender


We have ads touting low calorie soup, low calorie cereal, low calorie yogurt, as opposed to that “high calorie” yogurt – you know, with a whole 100 calories per serving. Oh, and the soup is advertised as having only 80 calories per serving “and no fat.” Welcome to the post-100-calorie-pack advertising gimmick.