Low Carb Horseradish Sauce Recipe for Your Great Steaks

Low Carb Horseradish Sauce Recipe for Your Great Steaks

Easy. Peasy. We love this low carb horseradish sauce with all cuts of beef and lamb. It is terrific as a sauce and as a sandwich spread for leftovers using Fluffy Chix Cook Low Carb Focaccia bread. It’s especially great with grilled steak, prime rib, and Sunday roasts!

Easy Low Carb Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cooking: Lamb Shawarma Recipe

Lamb Shawarma

Although we probably know a little less about Middle Eastern foods and culture many of their favorite dishes are very similar to Mediterranean dishes. I like to think there are more similarities than differences in the two types of foods – especially since very similar dishes can be found in both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants – and most of it is low carb.

Low Carb / Paleo Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

CarbSmart Magazine October 2013

I recently visited my dad and he asked me to make a low carb/ Paleo chicken pot pie. This pie was a big hit with my family and it is prefect for fall. It is a great substitute for the high carb version most people grew up with and it won’t break you carb budget.

Fresh and Seasonal: Beef-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Goat Cheese

CarbSmart Magazine September 2013

Fresh and Seasonal: Beef-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Goat Cheese. This recipe is great for back-to-school. You can make the stuffing the night before to save time, then just pop it in the oven for a quick meal that the whole family will love.

Fresh and Seasonal Paleo Tuna “Noodle” Casserole

CarbSmart Magazine September 2013

When I was a kid, my step-mom made us a huge homemade tuna casserole a few times a month; it was a favorite in our house. The problem was it was full of white noodles. I have found a way to recreate this dish with much healthier Paleo ingredients.

Salvaging the Child-Vegetable Relationship

CarbSmart Magazine June 2013

Salvaging the Child-Vegetable Relationship by Misty Humphrey in the June 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine. Stop fighting your family and learn ways of Child-Vegetable Détente. Peace at last!