SweetLeaf Stevia 100% Natural Sweetener – 35 Packets – 70 Serving Box

SweetLeaf 100% Natural Sweetener 35 Packets

SweetLeaf 100% Natural Stevia Sweetener begins with the highest quality stevia leaves from nutrient rich soils. The leaves then release their sweetest compounds during gentle processing with only cool, pure water. The result is pure sweetness with zero calories, zero carbs, zero guilt and 100% great taste.

Stevia Sweeteners by Amber Allen-Sauer


In the Belly Fat Cure and other low sugar diet plans, getting your sugar grams as low as possible is very important. It is also important to eliminate artificial sweeteners in your diet. This leaves only a few options, mostly stevia and sugar alcohols. While I had used sugar alcohols on Atkins years ago, I had never heard of Stevia. In the beginning I used Stevia sweeteners in lots of things, as I was getting rid of the taste of sugar. Now, though, I really only use it in my hot teas or in some iced teas when I am out. I carry a little “sweetener bag” in my purse and always have them handy!