Hi-Lo Low Carb Cereal by Organic Milling

Organic Milling Maple Pecan Hi-Lo Cereal

Hi-Lo cereal – a natural cereal designed to balance delicious taste with a high protein recipe low in carbs and sugar. Choose from 4 high protein low carb cereals. Nutritious Living is our best selling low carb cereal brands.

Hi-Lo is a great tasting, all natural low carb high protein cereal specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of people who want to maintain a high protein diet which is low in carbohydrates and sugar. Each serving of HiLo cereal provides:




  • 12 grams of soy protein
  • 1 to 5 grams of sugar (no sugar added)
  • 6 to 7 grams of dietary fiber
  • No trans fat

Hi Lo 100% Natural Cereal. Hi-Lo has a delicious lightly sweet taste and crunchy texture. It also contains soy isoflavones and natural antioxidants derived from rosemary extract and vitamin E. Hi-Lo isn’t the lowest carb cereal or a no carb cereal – it’s a great tasting lower carb hi-low cereal.

Whether you want to stay fit and trim, naturally manage your weight, lead an athletic life, or have special dietary needs, CarbSmart is where to buy Hi Lo cereal. Hi low cereal will reward your good nutrition habits.


    • says

      Mary Ruth: Unfortunately we do not know where you can buy these locally to you. You can click through to the 4 Hi-Lo choices above for links to where you can purchase the low carb cereal online.

  1. 64th note says

    Spent 15 minutes at my grocery store looking through all the “healthy” cereals trying one with somewhat low carbs , but they all contain like 25-40 carbs per bowl. I might as well eat Cocoa Pebbles. This cereal has around 6 or 7 carbs after you discount the fiber. That’s unbelievable! There’s nothing even close. And it’s really tasty. It has flakes, nuts, and these little nuggets. Sweeter than I thought it’d be, but not too sweet. I can’t find this in any store. You have to buy it online. Walmart.com or netrition.con.

  2. Dana says

    Hi-Lo may be low carb, but that isn’t the only consideration you should have of what you put in your body.

    “As the report states: Numerous “natural” products were indeed contaminated with high levels of GE (genetically engineered) ingredients, sometimes as high as 100%: Kashi GoLean, Mother’s Bumpers, Nutritious Living Hi-Lo, and General Mills Kix.”

    (NaturalNews) For far too long, breakfast cereal makers have carried out highly deceptive product labeling and positioning campaigns through the use of the term “natural.” Consumers are easily misled by this term, believing it to mean the product is free from pesticide chemicals and genetically engineered ingredients. But an explosive new investigation by the Cornucopia Institute (www.Cornucopia.org) — the same group that exposed the widespread use of hexane solvents in soy protein — is set to send shockwaves through the “natural” products industry by revealing which so-called “natural” brands actually contain high levels GMOs and toxic chemical pesticides.


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