Low-Carb Father’s Day

Happy Low-Carb Father's Day from CarbSmart
Father’s Day is a holiday of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. In the United States, Father’s Day was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd, and celebrated on the third Sunday of June for the first time in 1910. The day is held on various dates across the world, and different regions maintain their own traditions of honoring fatherhood.

Low-Carb Camping Ideas for Memorial Day and All Summer Long

Low-Carb Camping Ideas

For me and That Nice Boy I Married, Memorial Day often kicks off Camping Season. And we’re not the only ones! The campgrounds at state and national parks are jammed for the holiday weekend. So, I’m betting that some of you are planning a Memorial Day camping trip.

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The Low-Carb Barbecue Book by Dana Carpender – AUTOGRAPHED BY AUTHOR – LIMITED SUPPLY!

The Low-Carb Barbecue Book Limited

Dana Carpender comes to the rescue with over 200 low-carb recipes perfect for backyard picnics and barbecues, from meats and side dishes to cocktails and desserts. This book also features all-new recipes for condiments, sauces, and marinades that can replace the sugar-laden store-bought varieties and allow the low-carber to enjoy previously forbidden foods. Over 200 Recipes for the Grill and Picnic Table.

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Swedish Burgers Low-Carb Gluten-Free Recipe

Burgers, burgers, and more burgers! Yeah, that's how we roll in the Bauer household. These Low-Carb Gluten-Free Swedish Burgers are probably the best you will every wrap your taste buds around! They are flavorful and moist. In the cold winter months I cook them in a skillet on the stovetop. But in the glorious barbecue months of spring and summer, the grill is my preferred cooking method. Whether you make these for your family or for a summer cookout for a gang of friends, these burgers will are certain to make you do a happy food dance.

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Grilled Strip Steak With Lemon Parsley Butter Recipe

New York Strip Steak

A big, fat, juicy Low-Carb, Keto, Gluten-Free Grilled Strip Steak is one my favorite meals. If I top it with a compound butter like the Tangy Lemon Parsley Butter, then it is ketogenic heaven! This meal is super easy to prepare and will put a smile on your family's face every time you serve it.

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The Secret To Great Steak: Includes Recipe

Great Steak Recipe - Rib Eye Steak

The number one rule of great steak is “Start with great meat.” What defines great meat? Is it grass‑fed, is it local, is it natural, is it grain finished? Yes. But, let your pocket‑book and monthly food budget answer that question. And even disregarding the 3 USDA meat grades: prime (prime‑aged), choice, and select, I maintain great meat (aka great steak) is available across all grades and in all budgets.

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It’s Low-Carb Barbecue Time by Dana Carpender

Everyone loves barbecue! And at first glance, a rack of ribs or some barbecued chicken seems ideal for us low carb types. But there's a problem with virtually all commercial barbecue: the sauce. It's sugary. Often you'll get as much as 12 grams of sugar in a two-tablespoon serving - and who stops at two tablespoons? So it behooves us to learn how to turn out fabulous barbecue at home. I've always been a good cook, but until I learned the difference between grilling and barbecuing, I would try to grill ribs, and cremated them. Then I learned how to slow-smoke food. Now my ribs, chicken, even turkey, turn out succulent, smoky, and delicious every time.

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Nature’s Hollow Hickory Maple Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce Sweetened with Xylitol 12 oz bottle

Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free Hickory Maple BBQ Sauce

Nature's Hollow Hickory Maple Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce is a great addition to any grilled meal; barbeque, chicken, ribs, fish, & even non-starchy vegetables. Made with a healthful blend of delicious ingredients and sweetened with the natural sweetener Xylitol.

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Thick and Spicy Walden Farms Calorie Free Low Carb BBQ Sauce 12 oz. bottle

Thick and Spicy Walden Farms Calorie Free Low Carb BBQ Sauce 12 oz. bottle. Walden Farms BBQ sauces are great for any low carb pcinic celebration. Perfect on ribs, chicken, or beef.

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