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Romantic Raspberry Fool Low Carb Dessert Recipe

Raspberry Fool Low Carb Dessert Recipe

A stressed cook means romance gets its goose cooked. No cooked gooses here but an easy, romantic special dessert. Try this Raspberry Fool Low Carb Dessert Recipe for Valentine's Day or any other special day! This is as simple as it gets. A simple low carb romantic dessert for 2.

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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not – Healthy Low-Carb Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Entire Family

Healthy Valentines Day Ideas for the Entire Family

No matter what you chose for your Valentine’s Day meal, remember a Low Carb Lifestyle is a Whole Food Lifestyle and it is not necessary to celebrate with food each time a holiday rolls around. You can celebrate with your loved ones without relying on the empty, sugar-laden calories of most Valentine meals.

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Valentine’s Day Means More Than Low Carb Chocolates by Dana Carpender

Valentine's Day, another holiday of ancient origin taken over by the sugar-mongers. Let's see the hands: How many of you are thinking it's just not Valentine's Day without chocolates? Yeah, I thought so. I'll continue my psychic act: How many of you are thinking "But chocolate makes you feel like you're in love!

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Guilt-Free by Amy Dungan

For some people, Valentine's Day conjures up images of cupids, conversation hearts and chocolate. Others envision candle lit dinners, flowers and quiet retreats. My husband and I prefer to celebrate with a nice dinner out. We both get a juicy steak and I don't have to clean up afterwards. It doesn't get any better than that.

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Love Is The Thing

Since it was just Thanksgiving the other day, I don't know how it can already be February, but such is the speed of 'time travel.' And speaking of how fast things travel, I want to tell you this piece of trivia which may or may not be true, but which ought to be true if it isn't. They say that the speed of a computer mouse, that is, the distance the cursor moves across the screen, in relation to the distance the mouse actually moves across the mouse pad, is measured in units called mickeys. Don't you just love it!

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My Little Low-Carb & Keto Valentine

I'm going to share a well-kept secret with you: the real truth about why the Cecil Hotel in San Francisco closed down. It's been many years now, and a very popular restaurant currently occupies those premises, so it's safe to tell the true story without fear that the Men in Black will show up at our door in the dead of night.

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