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Low-Carb Thanksgiving Tips

Last-Minute Low-Carb Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

Why would I bother having even a bite of candied sweet potato?

Planning for Thanksgiving

In case you hadn’t noticed, Thanksgiving is upon us, and it seems incumbent upon me to say something, and quickly. So here are a few ideas for making it to December without gaining several pounds.

Is Thanksgiving an Indulgence Day or a Normal Low-Carb Day?

First, decide whether you’re going to have an indulgence day for Thanksgiving, or if you’re going to do your best to de-carb your feast. Most of you will probably go for the indulgence, and I don’t blame you. Since this year it will be just me and that nice boy I married, I’ll be de-carbing the dinner.

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Cards Against Humanity

And have a wonderful day and a Low-Carb Thanksgiving!

© by Dana Carpender. Used by kind permission of the thankful author. What do you think? Please send Dana your comments to Dana Carpender.

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