New Year Resolutions
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What is a resolution? Generally, it is a promise to one’s self to eliminate old habit and implement new, to set goals for positive achievement for the coming year. How many of us have said “This year will be different”?

The Resolution That Makes The Others Possible

New Year Resolutions

At a time when most people are thinking about setting short-term goals, Dana Carpender suggests this one overarching resolution: To continually keep in mind the line between what we can change and what we can’t change, and to frequently check in on our assumptions about the difference.

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It’s That Time Of Year Again! Choose Your Low Carb New Year’s Resolutions!

2023 Resolutions

It's time for our annual reminder of the relentless passage of time that makes New Year's Day a great time to rededicate ourselves to achieving and preserving a healthy lifestyle. In the interests of doing just that, here are some suggestions for low carb New Year's resolutions.

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Rules For A Resolution Free Low-Carb New Year

Easy Low-Carb Appetizers

What if we remove "resolutions" from our dictionary? What if we resolve to wave farewell to the grandiose January 1, New Year's Day Resolutions? What if we attack this whole resolution nonsense differently? What if we decide to set goals instead of resolutions? Susie T. Gibbs has some great suggestions for setting proper goals.

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Make New Habits Instead of Resolutions by Amy Dungan

Habits - good or bad, we all have them. It's the bad habits that get us into trouble, and, sadly, most people will admit they probably have more bad habits than good ones. So as the new year rolls in, we start thinking about making resolutions. I'm not the biggest fan of resolutions, simply because they generally tend to end in guilt and self-defeating attitudes. I propose we do away with resolutions for 2012. Instead, let's just work on changing habits, one step at a time. No deadlines, no pressure.

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New Year’s Resolutions: There’s Always A Fresh Start If You’re Willing To Take It

There’s Always A Fresh Start If You’re Willing To Take It

Ah, the start of the new year... What could be better? It's a fresh slate, a clean sweep, and you can't help feeling hopeful. No matter how good (or bad) last year was, there is always the potential for this coming year to be better. Choosing your New Year's Resolutions.

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No One Ever Makes A New Year’s Resolution Like This

No One Ever Makes A New Year's Resolution Like This

No one ever makes a new year's resolution like this: "This year I resolve to find a product which will magically turn me thin, and I resolve to buy it." No one ever makes a new year's resolution like this, either: "This year I will find a magic expert to take over my life and by following them exactly I will lose weight."

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New Year’s Resolutions: A Challenge For All Of Us

CarbSmart Notebooks

New Year's Resolutions are promises that we make to ourselves. Some of us believe in making New Year's resolutions; some don't. I happen to believe in them. I believe that it is our obligation to strive to better ourselves, and that making promises to ourselves to do certain things (or not do certain things, as the case may be) will help us to accomplish our goals is one tool we can use to improve ourselves. The trouble is that most of us don't know squat about making effective promises - to ourselves or to anybody else.

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