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A Down Home Low Carb Comfort Food Valentine’s Day Meal to Remember

A Down Home Low Carb Comfort Food Valentines Day Meal to Remember

Why not make a Valentine’s Day meal the whole family will enjoy, that’s stealthily low carb and wholly delicious? We played a little fast and loose with our budget this month because of the special occasion–going beyond it a bit to add a decadent low carb dessert. Delicious recipes include Low Carb Lemon Chicken & Low Carb Mini Cheesecakes.

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Low-Carb Lesson #62: A Low Carb Menu For Casual Entertaining

Since I didn't want to spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, our meals revolved around some type of meat on the grill, deviled eggs, a vegetable relish plate with dip, and a fruit plate. I made the deviled eggs, the vegetable relish plate, and the fruit plate up at the beginning of the week and replenished them daily as we ate all of certain items. So when dinnertime rolled around each day, I simply had to turn on the grill to cook the meat and bring out the various plates of side dishes.

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Low-Carb Lesson #55: Mustard Herbed Chicken Breasts

This is a quick meal to put together - assuming that you remember to thaw the chicken breasts. If you forget, go to Plan B and prepare something else. I've found that chicken breasts thawed in the microwave tend to come out tough and dry. Chicken breasts are expensive; it's not worth ruining them to stick to your original pan. Put them in the refrigerator to thaw and fix something else.

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Lesson #46: Chicken Ole

I served this meal last week out in the sunroom with all the windows up and the ceiling fans creating a mild tempest. Judy went nuts with her crayons and markers and made Mexican placemats and napkins. She wanted me to buy a pinata, but I drew the line at that. After all, we're moving in a few weeks and the one thing I don't need is anything more to pack!

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