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Refusing Holiday Food and Staying Low-Carb

Dealing with the holiday food pushers

It’s October and you know what that means: the holidays are straight ahead and with them piles and piles of carby junk and worse, people nagging you to eat the stuff. Why so many people think that saying things like, “But you have to eat it, it’s a tradition” and “I worked all afternoon making it just for you,” constitutes an expression of holiday good will, I have no idea.

But sadly, this behavior is all too common. You need to think ahead about how to respond to this sort of thing. You have absolutely no obligation to eat anything you do not want to eat.

You have absolutely no obligation to eat anything you do not want to eat.
If you had a terrible allergy, the sort that would throw you into anaphylaxis at the merest taste, you would not hesitate to refuse that food, nor would you apologize for doing so.

Similarly, If you were a recovering alcoholic, you would feel free to say no thanks to a drink, and would consider rude anyone who pressed you. Carbohydrate addiction and hyperinsulinemia don’t kill as quickly as allergic reactions, but they kill vastly more people. And a case can be made that dying quickly of anaphylaxis is preferable to the long, drawn-out years of deteriorating health and increasing debility that carb addiction can wreak on your body.

So, no feeling apologetic when offered food or drink one does not care to consume. No thank you is always the polite thing to say. Conversely, nagging people to eat foods they have politely refused is rude-rude-rude. You are in the right here, no matter how people try to browbeat you into thinking that you’re the unmannerly one.

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