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Avoid the “Trick of the Treat” – Halloween Low Carb Style

Halloween Low Carb Style

As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, it seems we have less motivation to stay the course with our low carb plans - especially around Halloween. The copious amounts of junk food we are presented with can be overwhelming. How do we break this vicious cycle of the norm? Misty Humphrey gives you some great ways to keep the family - and the neighborhood - healthy.

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The Best Treats for Little Goblins That Don’t Involve Sugar by Amy Dungan

If you are as concerned about Americans' sugar consumption as I am, Halloween is one of those holidays that makes you just cringe. Store aisles are lined with confection after confection. Parents are racing past hoping their children won't notice, so they may avoid the begging, pleading and whining that candy seems to induce. If you have children, you dread all the sweets that will soon be piled on the kitchen table while your children count up their loot. You also know that you'll have to hide most of it, or that ceiling-high stack will be devoured within a couple of days.

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Is Pumpkin Low Carb? Includes Low Carb Chili Lime Pumpkin Seed Recipe

Dana Carpender shares the many ways pumpkin can fit into a low carb diet including her Low Carb Chili Lime Pumpkin Seed recipe. If your only experience with pumpkin has to do with jack-o-lanterns and high-carb pie, rethink this tasty vegetable. Pumpkin is lower carb than most winter squashes, and one of the best sources of pro-vitamin A around.

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How to Have a Healthy Low-Carb Halloween

Recently, on a website I frequent, there was a discussion of Halloween plans. There I first encountered the concept of "trunk-or-treat," a Halloween event that is apparently gaining popularity across the country. People dress their kids up in costumes, pack candy in their cars, and go to a predesignated parking lot. There the children run from car to car, collecting candy.

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Dealing with Halloween Candy as a Low Carber

Low-Carb Halloween Costumes

Dealing with Halloween Candy as a Low Carber. These dime-store ghouls won't be exorcised with pork chops or strips of flank steak. They turn up their runny little noses at deviled eggs, glower at the thought of tasty hot dogs and broccoli, and gag at the thought of chicken breasts and spinach. THEY WANT CANDY!!! And there, is a nut shell - well, in a candy wrapper - is what scares ME at Halloween.

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