Kathleen Lunson

Sex And Food

There are certain instinctive drives that all human beings share. Hunger is one of them. Eating is necessary for our survival as individuals, so we eat. We can't live without eating, so the drive to eat is hardwired into our psyches. As individuals, we can live without sex, but as a species we cannot, so that drive is also hardwired into our psyche.

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And The Oscar Goes To…

We all know what it feels like to be overweight. The self-disgust. The shame. The exhaustion. Unpleasant physical symptoms abound; maybe we even have to have our blood taken regularly to test for diabetes. A trip to the doctor's office includes the inevitable rationalizations about heavy clothing as we step on the scale and later dire pronouncements of doom and gloom from the doctor if we don't do something.

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Baywatch Babes and Barbie Dolls

One of the most common refrains I hear from overweight women is their rebellion against the emphasis they feel our culture puts on impossibly perfect bodies. If Barbie were actually alive and full-sized, she wouldn't be able to carry her own weight and she wouldn't be able to walk without tumbling over. Yet little girls crave Barbie after Barbie, each one with a new look, a new outfit, a new hairstyle. Consciously or subconsciously, Barbie is a role model of style and grace to little girls, a mentor of feminine perfection that is actually possible only in molded plastic.

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Are We There Yet?

Some of us have been scared into our weight loss effort by the threat of dire consequences. Our doctors have told us we will die if we don't lose 100 pounds, or our husbands have told us they will leave us if we don't lose 50. The surgeon says the lifesaving operation can't be done until the weight comes off, and we don't want to die. We have four small children and no job, so we can't afford to lose the husband, so the diet starts and we will know when we get there. If either of these are true for you, you can stop reading right now, because your course is simple.

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Being Jealous Doesn’t Get You Anywhere

Straight Talk And No Nonsense Have you ever perused the ten commandments? They are the basic rules for civilized human behavior, summed up concisely in only ten basic simple sentences. But has it ever occurred to you to wonder what something relatively benign like jealousy is doing right up there …

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The Challenge of Maintenance

You've lost the weight. You got on the scales one morning and there it was, your goal weight. Or you went to the gym and had your body fat percentage checked and found out that you were already below your goal body fat percentage, even though you hadn't gotten to goal weight. Or you finally got into that goal outfit, that goal dress or pant size.

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Establishing Boundaries

Do we believe that other people care what we eat? And if we do, do we believe that what they think matters? Even my parents recognized my sister's and my rights to establish a fair boundary in the back-seat. They might have quibbled with our techniques, but no one questioned our rights to boundaries. The same should be true of our eating. It is a uniquely personal decision, effecting no one else directly and only a limited number of people in our lives even indirectly. Why not allow ourselves the dignity of establishing a few no trespassing signs?

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No One Ever Makes A New Year’s Resolution Like This

No One Ever Makes A New Year's Resolution Like This

No one ever makes a new year's resolution like this: "This year I resolve to find a product which will magically turn me thin, and I resolve to buy it." No one ever makes a new year's resolution like this, either: "This year I will find a magic expert to take over my life and by following them exactly I will lose weight."

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Once A Food Addict, Always A Food Addict or Can You Fix It With Low-Carb?

Once A Food Addict Always A Food Addict

I am a food addict. I am addicted to wheat and corn, potatoes and sugar. Low-carb eating, of course, treats these addictions very successfully. But even on low carb I have to admit I show every sign of addictions to cheese and diet drinks. So it's no surprise that I am actually a happier person, healthier and thinner when I am off all of those.

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