Sugar Addiction

Beginning Or Restarting A Low-Carb Diet

Beginning Or Restarting A Low Carb Diet

Perhaps you splurged over the holidays and are now having a difficult time getting back on track with your low carb WOE (Way Of Eating). Or, perhaps, you looked in the mirror and decided, "It's time to lose that weight!" And after considerable research, you have decided to go the low carb route. Regardless of your reasons, here you are, confronting the Dreaded Diet!

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The New Science of Sugar Addiction by Nicole M. Avena

The New Science of Sugar Addiction

While the topic of “food addiction” remains controversial, scientists have found significant overlaps between the effects of overeating certain palatable foods and drugs of abuse. There are innate biological processes that occur in our brain daily which reinforce the feeding behavior as well as other behaviors that are essential for survival. Dr. Nicole Avena, noted research neuroscientist/psychologist and author of Why Diets Fail explains the science behind the truth of sugar addiction.

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Once A Food Addict, Always A Food Addict or Can You Fix It With Low-Carb?

Once A Food Addict Always A Food Addict

I am a food addict. I am addicted to wheat and corn, potatoes and sugar. Low-carb eating, of course, treats these addictions very successfully. But even on low carb I have to admit I show every sign of addictions to cheese and diet drinks. So it's no surprise that I am actually a happier person, healthier and thinner when I am off all of those.

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Carbs Are More Dangerous Than You Think!!

As I have indicated in past articles, I have a tendency to stray from the righteous low carb path of life. But I'm sure that everybody cheats every once in a while, right? Well, maybe if you're some sort of Stepford-Wife-Alien-Robot entity who is bent on world domination through manipulation of the worlds fat people. Maybe you don't. But for the rest of us, we cheat occasionally. And, unfortunately, I've been cursed with the unbearable gift of rationalization.

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How Much Sugar Do We Eat? Sugar By Any Other Name Would Be As Sweet

Simple Table Sugar

There is another small subject concerning carbohydrates that needs to be addressed before we move on to discussing protein. Article 6 of the Science of Low-Carb & Keto Diets series. What about all the forms of actual sugar? Are they different? Is it safer/better to eat certain ones? Well-meaning friends and relatives often say, "But, this is made with a 'special' sugar that has vitamins and minerals! It is good for you." Do you know what to tell them? No? Well, then read on.

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