Play the “Count the Sugar” Game with Dana Carpender

Play the Count the Sugar Game With Dana Carpender

I’ve come up with the occasional grocery store game. My favorite is “Count The Sugar.” I’ll grab an item generally purported to be healthful and count the varieties of sugar in it. For example, the folks at Metamucil have been touting their Meta Health Bars as a wholesome alternative to candy or cookies, stating outright that they are “heart healthy” and implying – though never actually saying – that they will aid weight loss. So when I saw Meta Health Bars at the cash register on a day when there was a considerable line, I grabbed one and played the Count The Sugar game.

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Beginning Or Restarting A Low-Carb Diet

Beginning Or Restarting A Low Carb Diet

Perhaps you splurged over the holidays and are now having a difficult time getting back on track with your low carb WOE (Way Of Eating). Or, perhaps, you looked in the mirror and decided, "It's time to lose that weight!" And after considerable research, you have decided to go the low carb route. Regardless of your reasons, here you are, confronting the Dreaded Diet!

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Find Your Sweet Spot™: no grains or sugars, no processed foods

CarbSmart - The Sweet Spot by Tracey Rollison

After years of reading, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there is a Sweet Spot of truth, where the science in different aspects of nutrition intersects. In fact, the place they all come together is pretty simple: no grains, no sugars, no processed foods, all real foods. And then you adjust for your personal needs, be they nutritional, what you can reasonably get where you live (so no raw camel milk here), or what you can afford.

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Hidden Sugar: 10 Unlikely Places Where Added Sugar is Lurking

Sugars in foods

Today, it is assumed that sugars are added to many of our foods to sweeten them and make them taste a little better. The sweetening of our diet has become something that we hear a lot about as it undoubtedly contributes to excess calories, promotes further intake, and adds on pounds. Despite more and more Americans opting for a “sugar free” lifestyle whereby we actively attempt to choose foods lower in sugar, Americans are still consuming more sugar than we should, 3-4 times more than recommended by the American Heart Association.

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Top 10 Tips on How to Talk to Your Doctor About Your Low Carb Diet

Set the stage for a friendly chat with your doctor

You have embraced healthy fats like butter and coconut oil, and adapted a fresh, real food approach to fueling your body. As a result you’ve shed pounds without feeling deprived, your energy levels have soared, and your cravings have been suppressed. But… you still feel slightly uncomfortable about telling your doctor the good news. Dietitian Cassie offers her top ten tips in sharing your new lifestyle with your doctor.

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