Ketogenic Diet

How to Prepare the Best Keto Thanksgiving Celebration

Best Keto Thanksgiving Dinner

You don’t need to blow your diet on white bread stuffing and pies this Thanksgiving. Instead of making excuses, eat keto on turkey day. You’ll stay on your current plan without losing an ounce of flavor. It’s natural to associate the word “diet” with bland, tasteless food, but with keto, this isn’t the case. You don’t have to give up the gravy to enjoy a fabulous holiday feast that’s keto-friendly.

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How to Prepare the Best Ketogenic Fall Barbecue

Don't cover that grill and stow it away for winter quite yet! If you do, you’ll be missing out on one of the best seasons to throw a ketogenic fall barbecue. More than that, grilling blends perfectly with the ketogenic diet. Cooking low-carb vegetables and meat outdoors imparts a signature smoky flavor no oven can replicate.

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Beginning Or Restarting A Low-Carb Diet

Beginning Or Restarting A Low Carb Diet

Perhaps you splurged over the holidays and are now having a difficult time getting back on track with your low carb WOE (Way Of Eating). Or, perhaps, you looked in the mirror and decided, "It's time to lose that weight!" And after considerable research, you have decided to go the low carb route. Regardless of your reasons, here you are, confronting the Dreaded Diet!

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Ketogenic Diets Effectively Lower Blood Pressure

Ketogenic Diets Effectively Lower Blood Pressure by Dana Carpender

Ketogenic Diets Effectively Lower Blood Pressure by Dana Carpender. What the nay-sayers never admit is that eliminating that excess water brings blood pressure down, often practically overnight. Indeed, when the Atkins diet was compared to the Zone, LEARN, and Ornish diets, Atkins lowered systolic blood pressure (the top number) considerably better than the other diets – and four times better than the Ornish diet.

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Ketones: The Misunderstood Energy Source

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose & Blood Ketone Meter

The production of ketones, when consuming less than about 50 grams of carbs daily, has been a major criticism of the diet since the publication of his first book Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution in 1972. The medical community, assisted by the media, continues to be in the forefront of furthering inaccurate info about this natural process of utilizing ketones to fuel the body. It is time to set the record straight.

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The Effects Of Dietary Fats On Disease

Dr. Beth Gruber discusses dietary fats, disease and blood lipids. Food choices can influence the health of entire populations, regardless of whether or not any conscious effort is made to reduce fats and cholesterol. Article 23 of the Science of Low-Carb & Keto Diets series.

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