Benign Dietary Ketosis

Ketone Production – Fats, Ketones, and Ketosis

Diabetes Testing

Ketone production results from the breakdown of body fats. The excretion of the excess ketones in the urine is important because the presence of large amounts of ketone bodies in the blood threatens to upset the acid-alkaline balance of the blood, and thereby, the balance in the tissues. Article 22 of the Science of Low-Carb & Keto Diets series.

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Benign Dietary Ketosis And The Effects on a Diabetic

Every human endeavor, it seems, has got to have its very own set of buzzwords. Why? I think it's because we like to think that we are in a secret club, like the ones we had in elementary school. Only certain kids knew the secret password or the secret handshake, and we felt really smug around those who did not share the secret. Well, low carbohydrate dieting has its buzzwords, some self-explanatory, and some downright scary. In the scary group, the scariest for a diabetic are ketones and its friend ketosis.

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