What Is A Keto Diet? Keto Basics with Dana Carpender: What You Need to Know – CarbSmart Podcast Episode 8

Keto Basics with Dana Carpender: What You Need to Know

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Welcome to the CarbSmart Podcast, where your decision to embrace low carb nutrition becomes a fun and delicious lifestyle. I’m your host, Dana Carpenter, here to guide you through the ins and outs of everything low carb. Today, we’re going back to basics. There’s been a lot of controversy about keto diets versus low carb diets recently, so let’s talk about what a keto diet is.

This episode of the CarbSmart Podcast, hosted by Dana Carpender, explores the ketogenic diet—a low-carb, high-fat diet that aims to trigger ketosis in the body. Dana discusses the scientific principles behind ketosis, shares practical advice for adopting a keto lifestyle, and addresses common myths. Listeners will gain insight from Dana’s personal experiences and professional knowledge, gaining tools to make informed dietary choices.

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The Keto Diet – What Is It? What Isn’t It?

Are you boggled by all of the discussion about a keto diet? Wondering what the heck a keto diet really is and really isn’t? Stick around because we’ll look at what it means and how it compares to other low-carb diets and plans.

Keto has been the diet buzzword for the past five years or so and with good reason. A ketogenic diet delivers. Most people who go keto lose weight while experiencing increased energy and reduced hunger.

But what is a keto diet?

Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution

I raise the question because, like many popular ideas, Keto has inspired factions. There are the people I’ve seen posting online that a keto diet is like Atkins, except you only eat clean foods, mostly organic. No artificial sweeteners or processed junk. Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution, first published in 1973, was and remains A ketogenic diet.

It had the nation, me included, peeing on keto sticks. How anyone got the idea that a keto diet is LIKE the Atkins diet, except tells me that they never read the book. Also popular is the book. lazy, dirty keto, which includes processed keto foods with grains, artificial flavors or colors or not. There is also a small faction of strict carnivores, people who eat only meat and perhaps eggs.

For some reason, it appears that many of these people stick largely to red muscle meats, mainly from ruminants. I have no problem with red meat, but I am quite fond of red meat. Poultry and pork, and I eat a lot of tuna. I also feel their nutrition would be improved by adding some organ meats, especially liver now and then.

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Thanks for tuning into the Carb Smart Podcast. I hope today’s episode provided you with a clearer understanding of a ketogenic diet. Are you eating keto? Do you test for ketones? And if so, how? How does a ketogenic diet fit into your life? What results have you gotten? Let us know in the comments below.

For more information, tips, recipes, and insights, visit our website at carbsmart. com and don’t miss a single podcast. Until next time, stay low carb, happy, and healthy.

The Keto Diet – What Is It? What Isn’t It?

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