Amber Allen-Sauer

Amber Allen-Sauer is the author of Me & Jorge, where she writes about her experience on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure. The Belly Fat Cure is a low sugar, moderately low carb diet plan that excludes all artificial sweeteners.

Vanilla Tea on the Belly Fat Cure

I'm a big tea lover, and fall and winter are the perfect times to warm up with a nice cup in the evening. I have also found having a tea in the evening is the perfect way to may me feel full and even satisfy my sweet tooth. In the past I have written about Chocolate Teas, which I absolutely love, but there aren't many decaf options for the evening. So this post is all about vanilla teas!

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Stevia Sweeteners on Belly Fat Cure by Amber Allen-Sauer

In the Belly Fat Cure and other low sugar diet plans, getting your sugar grams as low as possible is very important. It is also important to eliminate artificial sweeteners in your diet. This leaves only a few options, mostly stevia and sugar alcohols. While I had used sugar alcohols on Atkins years ago, I had never heard of Stevia. In the beginning I used Stevia sweeteners in lots of things, as I was getting rid of the taste of sugar. Now, though, I really only use it in my hot teas or in some iced teas when I am out. I carry a little "sweetener bag" in my purse and always have them handy!

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Review: Belly Fat Cure Sugar & Carb Counter by Amber Allen-Sauer

Jorge Cruise's latest book is a companion guide to the Belly Fat Cure. The book is small, 5x7 inches and slim. It's the perfect size to keep in your bag for shopping and dining out. This book was really necessary, since most nutritional value books don't list the sugar content, a sure sign that most people are not concerned with their sugar intake.

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Taking That First Step on a Diet and an Interview with Jorge Cruise by Amber Allen-Sauer

Six months ago I felt completely helpless and hopeless with my weight, I wanted to lose weight but I felt overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. And honestly, scared of the changes I might have to make to accomplish it. I had lost faith in myself. But I am happy to say, that by applying a few rules to the food I eat and sticking with them I completely changed my body and rediscovered myself.

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