Are You a Diet Quitter? by Amber Allen-Sauer

I have noticed a real trend with dieters: A great first week, maybe even a great second week, third week, no or less loss… and they quit. Done, finished, next! Women don’t really talk about diets and their real weight numbers in person. It is kind of a taboo subject. Like I would never casually say to a friend “Yep, I’m 196” like I have on this blog. So I’ve been really surprised by all people trying the Belly Fat Cure, having really impressive loss, and then a few weeks later quit. Basically they quit the first week they experience a gain or no loss. Does that describe you?

In my family, Sister M included, we are very loyal to our diets. Even if they don’t work for ages, boy we stick with them! I had to pry my Mother away from Jenny Craig to try the Belly Fat Cure for a few weeks, and she feels like she is lying to and cheating on the Jenny Craig folks. Sister M had been doing Atkins for YEARS, with great early success that she kept hoping would show up again. If nothing else, we are dedicated to our diets, almost to a fault. But through my blog I have found that is not the norm.

I find that we reward ourselves after a big loss, or loosen up the restrictions that made it successful in the first place. Week three seems to be a very popular time to quit a diet, regardless of any early success.

What if, instead of switching your diet plan a few weeks in, you just stuck with it. What if the secret to losing weight isn’t the specific diet plan you choose, but that just the simple fact of sticking with it? Day after day, month after month of eating right. What if that is the solution? Look back at your food log for that successful week and see what and how you ate. Repeat that, exactly! If you don’t have a food log, well then, start one now. A few weeks ago I had loosened up a bit, wasn’t concentrating on fiber, skipped meals and was getting ravenous at the end of the day. After months on this diet plan and losing 53 lbs, I still need a reminder to do it right and do it every day. For me, consistency has been so important and probably the real secret to my success.

If this describes you, take another look at the plan and remember how good the early losses felt. If you are on the Belly Fat Cure, are you simply counting 120 grams of carbs a day? Because that isn’t the plan. The whole point of Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure is to moderate your insulin levels and avoid spiking them. You do that by keeping to an S/C Value of 5/2 or less per meal. If you go over that, you body locks in everything you just ate as belly fat. That is the plan, it is very simple, and for me it has really worked.

So instead of quitting or switching to another diet, just make sure you are really doing the diet you signed up to do. Rededicate and commit yourself to it. Besides, where will quitting get you?

© 2010 by Amber Allen-Sauer. Used by kind permission of the author. What do you think? Please send Amber your comments or questions to Amber.

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