ChocoPerfection 1.8 oz. Sugar Free Chocolate Bars

Available in

  • 1.8 oz bar
  • Sugar-free
  • 2g net carbs
  • 12g to 14g of healthy fiber
  • Delicious European-styled chocolate made with real cocoa butter
  • Great in recipes or right out of the package!

One of the bestselling up and coming sugar-free, low-carb chocolate bars – it’s ChocoPerfection! Unlike most of the “low-carb” bars on the market today, ChocoPerfection bars are NOT sweetened with maltitol. Instead, they use a proprietary blend of erythrytol and oligofructose for a pleasant sugar-like taste without the sugar!

For diabetics and low-carb dieters alike, ChocoPerfection comes in both milk and dark chocolate flavors and provides a low-glycemic alternative to traditional chocolate bars. The unprecedented 12g to 14g of fiber in each bar is three times the amount you would find in an apple! There is also 1g to 4g protein and only 2g net carbs in each of these huge bars.

ChocoPerfection Sugar Free Chocolate Bars. Low carb chocolate bar without maltitol. for diabetics and low-carb dieters alike, ChocoPerfection comes in both milk and dark Chocolate flavors, as well as Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Almond. Chocoperfection chocolate bars are maltitol free chocolate. Choco perfection bars come in 4 flavors. ChocoPerfection bars have such a pleasant taste and creamy texture that you will find it hard to believe this is a diet chocolate bar. But it is, it REALLY is! Whether you use it in recipes or right out of the package, ChocoPerfection bars will become a regular part of your low-carb lifestyle!

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