Joseph’s Sugar Free Peanut Butter

Joseph's Sugar-Free Creamy Peanut Butter

Go to any grocery store and regular peanut butter is a low carber’s nightmare – full of sugar and unhealthy additives. Joseph’s Sugar Free Peanut Butter is natural peanut butter – it’s healthier, it’s oil separates and it tastes great!
So stir it up, spread it around and enjoy!

Comes in Creamy and Crunchy varieties.

9g of protein per serving.

This peanut butter is made with Valencia peanuts and is low carb, low calorie, sugar-free, recommended and endorsed by National Diabetes Outreach and best of all, great tasting. Kosher, Pareve.


  1. Norm Coenen says

    Youo dsy your peanut butter is sugar-free BUT what substitute do you use for a sweetener, if any? Consumers would like to see this info included. Appreciate! Norm C

    • says

      Norm, we don’t make these products, just so you know. Natural peanut butter is usually made of just peanuts, salt, and occasionally a little added oil. I didn’t write the review, nor have I tried the product, but I’m confident that had there been a sweetener in it Andrew would have mentioned it.


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