3 Statements Which Can Sabotage Your Low-Carb Meal Plan

The crisp fall wind whipping through the air is signaling the coming of Halloween. Creepy Jack-o-lanterns and dangling skeletons line the porches anxiously awaiting the arrival of ghouls and ghosts begging for tantalizing treats. Unfortunately for many, Halloween also signals the coming of something more frightening than Washington Irving’s legendary headless horseman: The dreaded holiday season of sabotage.

We have all heard and/or made self-defeating statements regarding our low carb plans, but the enticement to stray is far more insidious during the holiday season. Watch out for these statements of sabotage which can wreak havoc on your low carb plan.

1) “I need some comfort food during the holidays.”

You deserve a break from your plan
For a beginning low carber, those words can spell disaster. Do not fool yourself into believing that comfort food only comes in the form of high carb pasta, doughy dumplings, and sugary carbage. Changing your way of eating involves thinking outside the box. Make room in your plan during the holidays for new kinds of comfort foods. Yes, you can eat comfort foods without the guilt of straying away from your goals.

Some tasty examples of low carb comfort food:

2) “You have been doing so well. You deserve a break from your plan. Treat yourself.”

You deserve a break from your plan
This statement was made by a well-meaning relative who thought I needed a break from my seemingly complicated low carb plan. Take my advice: Don’t do it! “Treating yourself” by going off plan would not be a treat at all. You may be treating yourself to a serious setback. The treat to yourself should be staying on plan and living the healthier lifestyle that you have always wanted.

If you are in the mood for treats, then treat yourself to something truly special.

  • A relaxing nature walk at your favorite state park.
  • A new outfit in your new size.
  • A hot, steamy bath surrounded by candles.
  • A Full body massage by a licensed masseur.

3) “I can always start again after the holidays.”

Back in November 2003, I was preparing a large Thanksgiving feast for 16 family members. Macaroni & cheese, chicken & dumplings, chicken dressing, sweet potato pie, and many other carb-filled nightmares jammed my kitchen with their intoxicating aromas. I was in my 4th month of the Atkins plan, when I uttered the words, “I can always start again after Thanksgiving.” The words after Thanksgiving were soon changed to after Christmas. I sailed through Christmas with the same reckless disregard for my plan. My exercise waned, my energy levels plummeted, and I sank into a depression. Thankfully, I was able to pull myself out of the tailspin on New Year’s Day. I was fortunate, but I know many who were not so lucky. Now, I stay within my plan 365 days a year.

Why roll the dice and gamble with your health? Do not fall victim to statements of sabotage. If you are on the right track, do yourself a favor and keep stepping in the right direction. You deserve far more than carb-riddled foods. You deserve a rich, healthy lifestyle today, not later. No amount of “treats” is worth the cost to your health.

© 2010 by April Bradford Walker. Used by kind permission of the author. What do you think?

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