Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Santa, 5 oz. LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

Sugar-Free 5 oz Milk Chocolate Santa Limited Supply

Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Santa for a limited time only!


  • Sugar-Free
  • Low-Carb

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Sugar-Free 5 oz Milk Chocolate Santa
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Sugar-Free 5 oz Milk Chocolate SantaJudy’s wonderful sugar-free chocolate in a 5 oz. Santa shape. Looks good, tastes great, and is sugar-free!

You know it’s really Christmas when there’s a delicious chocolate Santa Claus tucked in every stocking! But most chocolate Santas are full of sugar! That means a regular chocolate Santa will raise your blood sugar and can possibly knock you out of ketosis! Even for a once a year treat it’s not worth it.

But every holiday season, Judy’s Candy Co. makes a limited amount of 5 oz Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Santa – and we have them!

Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Santa is a sweet, sugar-free, low-carb way to celebrate the holidays. You’re Low-Carb friends and family will love getting this limited treat this year! Whether you put them in a stocking or wrap them as a gift, you’ll make your favorite low-carber happy this year.

Individually wrapped and tied with a red ribbon, Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Santa is a perfect Low-Carb chocolate holiday gift.

Sorry: Judy’s did not list the Nutrition Facts on the package but since it is the same sugar-free chocolate they use in their other products, which will be approximately 1 to 2 grams of net carbs per ounce.

Ingredients: Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate: Maltitol, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, whey protein isolate, milk fat (butter), soya lecithin, pure vanilla and other natural artificial flavors.

About Judy’s Candy Co.

Judy's Candy Co.Jerry and Judy Shelton opened a small candy store in the heart of downtown San Francisco in 1972. In the back of the store, Jerry made chocolate and caramel magic and the retail business outgrew the small storefront. They were so successful that in 1979, they decided to devote their business entirely to wholesale manufacturing.

Over time, the sugar-free market exploded and Jerry and Judy were able to create amazing sugar-free versions of their popular chocolates and caramels.

CarbSmart has been proud to sell Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar-Free chocolates, candies and caramels since 2002.

Don’t forget about Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Snowman, 4 oz.

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