Atkins Diabetes Revolution : The Groundbreaking Approach to Preventing and Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

Atkins Diabetes Revolution
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by Robert C. Atkins, Mary C. Vernon, Jacqueline Eberstein

560 pages

More than a program for living with diabetes, here is a groundbreaking approach to preventing, treating, and even reversing an American epidemic from Dr. Robert C. Atkins, a pioneer in the field of nutritional medicine.

The statistics are staggering. 17 million people in the United States suffer from type 2 diabetes, and 60 million are obese. Over the past thirty years, the diabetes rate has tripled, and each year 187,000 people die from this disease. Diabetes has become an epidemic, and current research blames Americans’ sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.

Dr. Atkins believed that diabetes and obesity are twin epidemics, and the way to reverse both is to change the way people eat. Yet the American Diabetes Association and the rest of the mainstream medical establishment have not altered their stance about diabetes care and prevention, still advocating treatment with insulin and other drugs and not pushing for a diet that limits sugar and other empty carbohydrates. Nor has mainstream medicine recognized the need for diabetes prevention, or that the way to stop the epidemic is to eliminate the #1 risk factor: obesity.

Atkins Diabetes Revolution presents a comprehensive food, exercise, and lifestyle program designed to help people with impaired blood sugar controls or at risk for diabetes. With checklists, quizzes, meal plans, recipes, a fitness routine, case studies, and practical advice for those looking to prevent and treat diabetes, this book takes the framework of Dr. Atkins revolutionary approach to eating and broaden it into a complete program to tackle one of America’s greatest health challenges.

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