EatSmart Precision Pro Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale For The Low Carb Kitchen

EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale
EatSmart Precision Pro – Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale
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As a low carb dieter or Paleo enthusiast, we don’t count calories or grams of fat, but we sometimes do need to control our portions or measure an ingredient for a recipe. My favorite tool in my low carb kitchen for that is the EatSmart Precision Pro – Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale.

A Battery-Operated Kitchen Scale Available in 5 Colors

This is a battery-operated (included), multi-function home digital kitchen scale with a maximum weight of 11 pounds! It has two buttons on the front, the ‘On/Off/Tare’ button turns it on or off and allows you to pre-adjust for the weight of the baggie, plate, or storage container (tare) and the ‘Unit’ button that lets you switch between grams and ounces.

Eat Smart Scale with Macadamia NutsSince I am a macadamia nut fiend, I need to control my portion of macadamia nuts. I usually will bring 1 oz. of them with me each day and I use my Eat Smart digital kitchen scale to portion them out. The digital kitchen scale is also great for measuring:

I’ve been using the EatSmart Precision Pro Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale for about a year and it works flawlessly. You can weigh foods directly on the EatSmart Precision Pro digital kitchen scale or use the scale’s tare (zero) function to eliminate the weight of a plate or bowl, making cleanup extremely easy. The high resolution screen of the EatSmart Precision Pro is easy to see from any angle and the five rubber feet eliminate sliding. If you leave it on, the three minute auto-turnoff feature will make sure you don’t waste the batteries each time you use it.

A Very Accurate Scale

The EatSmart Precision Pro makes portion control extremely accurate, precise to .05 ounce / 1 gram increments and perfect for any carbohydrate counting or portion sizes. The scale includes a FREE EatSmart Calorie Factors book (which us low carb dieters will probably just throw away). Stop guessing about portion sizes and start living a healthier and easier low carb lifestyle today. Just another tool to make working in your low carb kitchen easier.

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