Low-Carb Pink Flamingo Fizz Sugar-Free Highball Recipe

Low-Carb, Gluten-Free

Low-Carb Pink Flamingo Fizz Sugar-Free Highball Recipe

Low-Carb Pink Flamingo Fizz Sugar-Free Highball Recipe


Low-Carb Pink Flamingo Fizz Sugar-Free Recipe

Low-Carb Pink Flamingo Fizz Sugar-Free Highball Recipe

Back in 1990 or so, a fellow named Dexter Bullard–now a well-known stage director, then the enfant terrible of the Chicago theater world–and also the cousin of a pal of mine–was making ends meet by tending bar at a place called Moody’s Pub in Chicago. I was sipping a beer and waiting for my friend when I told Dexter I didn’t care for mixed drinks. He presented me with something he called a Pink Flamingo–a margarita made with cranberry juice cocktail in place of half the margarita mix–and instantly changed my mind. This is a lighter and much lower carb version of that flavor combination.




  1. Assemble the tequila, lime juice, and sweetener in a big ol’ glass, fill with ice, then the sparkling water.
  2. Top up as you go.


Do yourself a favor and skip the Cuervo. As a die-hard tequila girl, I find it awfully harsh. In the same price range, I much prefer Sauza Gold or Cazadores Reposado, both far smoother than Cuervo, even sippable straight up. For a milder tequila flavor, go with a silver tequila, but I prefer the “gold” reposados.

As for the definition of a “shot”: I inherited my parents’ 1960s vintage jigger. It holds 2 fluid ounces, aka ¼ cup, and has a line halfway up to measure a 1-ounce shot. I fill it all the way with tequila and half- to three-quarters with lime juice.

I confess to using Nellie and Joe’s brand bottled lime juice but feel free to use fresh limes if you like. I sometimes add a wedge along with the bottled stuff.

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